I run through the hospital in Carhartt gear and bust into the maternity ward.
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Contracts and Contractions

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It was Saturday, January 11th, and I went to bed at 7:30pm because a winter weather warning was issued for Cleveland, Ohio. They were forecasting 2-4 inches of snowfall, and it was supposed to start accumulating at around midnight. I set my alarm and went to bed.

My alarm goes off and I wake up and look over to my wife Lisa in bed, who is still awake. She has her phone out and is timing her contractions. Oh, I forgot to tell you, she was nine months pregnant and due in five days. Well, the night before she was having some and then they subsided, so we were thinking it would do the same since they were not consistent. I left the house and started my route.

About an hour later, she calls me and tells me she is still having them and I begin to time contractions with her for the next hour while I'm plowing. They were all over the place, and I thought they would subside. She calls her doctor, who says to stay at home and relax, because we live 5 minutes from the hospital. So here is my wife, at home alone for the next couple of hours.

She calls her mom and she tells her to call her sister who lives down the street. She calls at around 4:30am and her husband wakes up. Before her sister could say anything, he was dressed and heading out the door to pick up Lisa and take her to the hospital. They call me on the way and I head to the next lot (which is a YMCA a half mile from the hospital). She gets checked in and everything is good. Her brother-in-law calls me to let me know that I have time.

Then ten minutes later, my wife Lisa calls and me and says, "the baby is coming right now!" I rip out of the parking lot and tear down the road at 5:45am and pull into the hospital. I have my worker take the truck and go finish the route, and I run through the hospital in Carhartt gear and bust into the maternity ward. I hear my wife asking for me and I tell her I'm there and she calms down. The doctors says there is no time for any pain killers and the baby is coming. Luckily she was able to get the epideral and about an hour and a half later, we had our first child, a little baby girl named Mila Grey.

Our lives changed that day for the better as we were blessed with this perfect little patoots. Everyone was doing good and we went to the room and got settled in. I spent another couple of hours at the hospital and then got a ride home. I went and picked up another truck and got back to work. The 2-4" turned into 8-9" and we worked until 8pm. I got home, showered, and went and back to the hospital to watch The Ohio State Buckeyes win the National Championship game on January 12th, 2015 with my new family. I then left the hospital and went back to work for another 8 hours and finally the storm was over. Another shower and back to the hospital to finally get to relax.

But I learned really quick that you get less sleep with a baby than you do during plow season, but I would not trade it for the world. The wife knew she was going to be born during a winter storm and she was right, just like with everything else!

I run through the hospital in Carhartt gear and bust into the maternity ward.

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