I rolled out for what would be the hairiest 2 hours in 16 years of plowing snow.
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One Red Taillight

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We live in North Central Iowa, with hardly any trees and a lot of open countryside. It started snowing about 11 a.m., and it got worse every minute that went by.

So at about three in the afternoon, we headed into town to get driveways open so people could get in their houses from work. We had close to 8 inches on the ground so far and the wind had just started picking up. Now, out in the country, winds can get up to 50 mph in a hurry during a strong front.

Then, I received a fateful call from one of our clients. He had gone off into a ditch and could not see anything around him. He knew he was on his road, he just didn't know where. We were in town at the time and it didn't seem too bad for visibility, so I told him to hang tight and I'd see what I could do. I informed the other trucks I was heading out to the country to help this client. Then, I rolled out for what would be the hairiest 2 hours in 16 years of plowing snow.

Out in the country, it was a pure white-out. Go, stop, wait until it gave me a chance, then go again. Plow down all the way. Drifts had already gotten close to 4 feet by this time. I got to a spot in the road where it went completely white out. I couldn't see the lights on the plow, it was blowing so hard. Vertigo is a scary thing when all you can see is white.

I called this gentleman and told him I was on his road and I couldn't go any farther. He was starting to panic, and I was getting there too. I just sat back in the seat and thought what my next step was. I looked out my windows... nothing but white. JUST GREAT!

As I looked out my passenger window, all of a sudden, there it was, a barely visible red light. As fast as I saw it, it was gone again. Then, there it was again, the wind died down just enough to see the rear taillight of a car. It was his car.

I called him and told him I was right behind him and instructed him to get in my truck. For 20 minutes, I sat right beside him and never knew it. We slowly made it to his house and hunkered down until the wind died down enough to get back at it. All the while I was saying to myself, "I don't get paid for enough for this".

I rolled out for what would be the hairiest 2 hours in 16 years of plowing snow.

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