My nerves settled and I got three more cups of coffee into me...
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First Time Alone

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It was a cold, windy, white-out kind of night in the Northeast a few years back. A friend of mine asked me to run his truck for a few hours so he could catch up on some sleep. He was going on for a couple of days now. He owns his own company doing a few small commercial lots as well as being a sub contractor for a large company.

I had never been set free alone to plow. I normally have always had an experienced operator with me to watch my plowing and tell me my areas to improve in and easier ways to get my job done. My friend runs his personal truck for plowing: A GMC 2500HD with a WESTERN PRO PLUS on it.

I was nervous to say the least. I started off doing the subcontract work, trying to catch up on lost time from the switch in operators. I took all my training into consideration and advice that was given to me over the past few years to ease my nerves.

The first lot was a storage complex with parking in the rear lot for campers, trailers, and cars. That's where I started to worry, not wanting the snow to drift into it let alone the corner of the plow. Up until now, it was a breeze. I took a deep breath and just went for it.

I got the job done and was relieved that nothing bad happened. Time seemed to drag on forever during that site, but the relief was worth it at the end. I learned a lot during that storm, from learning to operate during whiteout conditions to stacking snow and keeping it out of the way.

The rest of the jobs just seemed to go smooth and easy as soon as my nerves settled and I got three more cups of coffee into me. My friend woke up and took back over control for the day and passed my info on to the contractor he was doing work for.

Later that day, I got a call referring me to run a truck the rest of the season for him. It was good to know someone else had confidence in me to run alone and operate. I have been working for him ever since that storm, and I get bigger and bigger sites to do every year.

My nerves settled and I got three more cups of coffee into me...

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