"What a mess I got myself into", I kept thinking.
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ATV Troubles

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Plowing 20-plus driveways with an ATV and over a foot of fresh snow is not easy or fun.

Last winter, our biggest storm in Metro Detroit included about 18" or so of snow. I have had my lawn business going for a few years now, and I decided I needed to continue into snow removal also.

My truck was not in the best shape, so I mounted a plow on my ATV. It worked out great for a couple inches at a time but when we got 6"+, it didn't work out to well.

During our big storm last year, snow was coming so fast I couldn't handle keeping up with all of my customers, so most driveways would have 10-12" of snow on them by the time I made it around the first time. Every simple little driveway would take 45 minutes to an hour. The snow would come up over my plow and hit my neck and chin and make me freeze non-stop.

I worked all day until midnight for three days. I would plow a few drives in one neighborhood, then load the quad onto the trailer, hop in the truck, crank the heat and drive to the next neighborhood and do it all over again.

"What a mess I got myself into", I kept thinking. In the end, I got it all done. I was miserable, but I kept my customers happy.

Over the summer, I purchased a Silverado 3500 diesel as well as a WESTERN PRO PLUS plow, so this winter should be a walk in the park when we get a foot and a half of snow.

Plowing with an ATV sure makes you a lot more grateful to be plowing with a truck and a WESTERN plow. I will be nice and warm this winter in the cab of my truck, and it sure will be a step up from last winter!

"What a mess I got myself into", I kept thinking.

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